Intellectual Property Protection, worldwide.

LS-IP as an independent partnership of specialised lawyers stands for the legal protection of intellectual property. We offer comprehensive legal advice in all fields of intellectual property protection. We develop strategies to protect your ideas, enforce your rights, defend your rights against attacks of third parties and defend your interests in court.

LS-IP sees itself above all as a legal service provider. We implement this philosophy consistently and have designed our organisation accordingly. We work efficiently and you can contact us directly. Our clients appreciate this direct contact in particular, as it provides for unfiltered communication and short reaction times.

Partnership of independent IP specialists.

One focal point of our activities is the defence of claimants’ interests. Our clients benefit from our long-time experience in conducting lawsuits in all fields of intellectual property protection. Our lawyers bring up to 30 years’ experience into adversary procedures, have good contacts at all major court locations and know what matters in the individual case.

In patent disputes, we frequently represent our clients before the major courts, in particular in Düsseldorf, Mannheim and Munich; in trademark disputes above all in Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Luxembourg. Apart from that, we are regularly involved in global infringement proceedings and networked with experienced law firms abroad.

As an independent IP law firm, we advise and represent clients from all branches of industry. In this context, specialised knowledge and ‘Eagle View’ complement each other in an ideal way. In practice, this combination of industry-specific knowledge and cross-industry experience is a valuable asset when supporting our clients.

Our Association.

LS-IP is part of the LS GROUP. This association of specialists includes in addition to LS-IP the companies LS-MP and LS 9 GmbH.